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Generally, we require a minimum of €100,000 of non-borrowed personal resources to consider you for a franchise.

FLAMINGO franchisee must make an initial investment of between € 72,000 to € 144,000.

This includes an initial franchise fee of € 25,000 that must be paid to the FLAMINGO.

FLAMNGO charges an ongoing monthly service fee equal to 4% of gross sales.

Some FLAMINGO franchise owners are naturally going to make more than others, but most franchise owners still pull in an estimated yearly profit of roughly €150,000 (via Fox Business).

Yes! Right away, you’ll feel your digestive system responding, especially if you’ve been eating mostly refined, processed foods. It’s recommended that you take juicing slowly at first so that your body has time to get used to the raw power of fruits and vegetables.

Quite simply, organic foods are better for you, better for the soil, better for the water, better for the air, and better for all the other animals that inhabit this planet.

It can, but only if you eat a lot of carrots. The yellowness is temporary, with no other side effects. Carrots are high in beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A in your body and has all sorts of benefits. Beta-carotene is one of a number of pigments belonging to the carotenoid group, which are responsible for the orange/yellow color of carrots and other foods such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, squash, and mangoes.

According to the University of Michigan’s Healing Foods Pyramid, overall, you should eat more than seven servings of fruits and vegetables — two to four fruits and at least five vegetables — daily because a high consumption “helps reduce risk of various diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, asthma, macular degeneration and diverticulosis.” In addition, “increasing fruit and vegetable intake decreases risk of unhealthy weight gain.”

Smoothies can be very low or very high in calories, depending on the ingredients you use to make them. Many of the commercial smoothies contain super-high-calorie ingredients that can push the total count higher than a light lunch. The same goes for smoothies you make at home.

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